Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend CPO Rising 2016

There’s less than four weeks until the CPO Rising 2016 Summit, Ardent Partners’ annual procurement symposium. Registered yet? There’s only a few days left to take advantage of standard registration (which expires on March 7). Why should you attend? Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. The unparalleled lineup of top speakers…from NASA, Dow Corning, Maersk, the list goes on. You won’t find a better agenda than the one Ardent has designed with some of the world’s top procurement professionals and executives.
  2. The ability to network with like-minded peers. Procurement professionals are often very busy and don’t have the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the industry. Why not take a couple of days and converse with like-minded executives?
  3. Procurement is evolving…learn how to approach the future. Every speaker at CPO Rising 2016 brings something different to the event. Learn how the industry is evolving, and what it means for your organization.
  4. Historic Boston is a great place to visit. Early spring is a fantastic time to visit Boston! It’s getting warmer, and the culture of the city is founded in America’s early history.
  5. Learn the best practices that will help your procurement team be more successful. There are many strategies and approaches that you may not be aware of that will come to light at CPO Rising 2016. Make your team be more successful in the year ahead by learning from the very best.
  6. The ability to engage with the solution providers that are providing innovation to the procurement market. Technology is a critical component in driving value from the procurement function. The CPO Rising 2016 event will feature a variety of technology solutions from which to learn how innovation is paving a new path for the procurement industry.
  7. You will connect with Ardent’s expert analyst team on the issues you want to discuss. Ardent’s analyst team is well-versed in the supply management industry, and its entire lineup of thought leaders will be in attendance throughout the event. Utilize their knowledge!
  8. Learn about the “State of the Chief Procurement Officer.” One of the many highlights of the event will be a “State of the Union”-type address on where the modern-day procurement professional sits today and where it can go in the near future.
  9. Free, new research from Ardent Partners ($499 value). Every attendee of CPO Rising 2016 will be provided with a complimentary edition of new Ardent research focused on the big trends (and the team’s predictions) in procurement for 2016.
  10. It’ll be THE procurement event of 2016. No other procurement or supply management conference will offer the same level of expertise, thought leadership, and network impact that CPO Rising 2016 will provide.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend this year’s landmark procurement symposium: register now (click here), and we look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!


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