Meet the Winners – CPO Honors 2017: CA Technologies

During our annual CPO Rising 2017 Summit, we hosted our first ever CPO Honors Gala Dinner. During the Gala Dinner, four distinct CPOs and/or procurement teams received CPO Honors awards for their outstanding work and achievement in procurement in 2017, while two highly-regarded CPOs were inducted into the CPO Rising Hall of Fame. The CPO Honors were developed by Ardent Partners to recognize individual and team achievement in the current year. We were thrilled to honor these Best-in-Class performers. From leadership and innovation to technology usage and team performance, these four winners have demonstrated that top-performing procurement departments are a competitive advantage that can drive bottom line results.

The Best Team Performance Award Winner: CA Technologies

The “Best Team Performance” Award was presented to the procurement department that excelled across the full scope of procurement operations to make a significant impact on overall enterprise results. To win this award, a procurement team must demonstrate an ability to enhance other areas of the business function (outside of procurement) by leveraging a mix of technology, next-generation strategies, innovation, and transformational thinking. Through its Best-in-Class capabilities, this procurement team was able to drive ultimate enterprise value. The 2017 winner of the “Best Team Performance” Award was the procurement team at CA Technologies.

In 2017, the CA Technologies procurement team was able to transform what was previously a manual, error-prone, and extremely timely process, into a strategic, digital, and critical function that drove business impact. They were able to repair disparate systems that made internal requisitioning and invoice processing simple and efficient. As a result of their work, CA Technologies now has a 92% electronic invoice submission rate in North America, and have a now average 2.5 days for the PO cycle, down from six days.

“Seeing the caliber of the companies represented at this conference, CA Technologies is very proud to have the opportunity to be considered, and for winning this prestigious award. For CA, winning this award has been a confirmation that to really make a significant, positive impact to the business, you have to have a global team, dedicated to achieving common goals with committed effort across the Procurement function,” said Stan Brown, Chief Procurement Officer, CA Technologies. “Thank you, Ardent Partners, and everyone who voted for CA Technologies.”

On behalf of the Ardent Partners team, I would like to congratulate the team at CA Technologies on this great achievement.

To see a few images from the event click here – CPO Honors: Stars Shine Bright at the 2017 Summit

The CPO Honors 2018 Awards Gala is scheduled for November 7, 2018. Please be sure to check back in early 2018 when we will be begin accepting nominations.


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